City Power says it has initiated a major drive of rolling out smart metres for Johannesburg residents at no cost.

This initiative was launched last August, coinciding with the token identifier- TID- rollover project.

Meanwhile, City Power officials continued with their rigorous revenue collection drive and invaded seven properties and disconnected electricity in an effort to recoup over R52 million that is owed to the city, accompanied by a small contingent of JMPD.

City Power Board Chairperson Bonolo Ramokhele says, “The smart metres not only allow us to be able to have a pre-paid system where you know exactly how much your bill is and can be able to measure it properly, but also from the perspective of using the technology to do something like what we call smart metre load limiting, basically in which you are sitting in your house when there’s load shedding. We then maybe give you 10-M to use as opposed to 15; it means that your lights are on, your wi-fi is on, your TV, etc. It doesn’t really disrupt your life as long as you switch off major items such as geysers and stoves.”