Commercial Property Management

Property management is a holistic term that incorporates all managed aspects of the property, whilst working towards a common goal. Centro Property Solutions’ well-trained property management team can assist the landlord in achieving these goals with personalised management services.

Centro Property Solutions attends to the control, management, maintenance and housekeeping of the properties under their management, subject always to the Landlord’s overriding instructions. Regular site visits are conducted to monitor the properties condition and to minimize any risks the Landlord might have in terms of the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

Integrated Accounting and Financial Reporting

Centro Property Solutions uses software provided by MDA Property Systems (also known as MRI Property Central) and as such we offer an integrated accounting system. This system allows the landlord to download via the live system:

  • Financial statements.
  • Letting reports;
  • Budget-variations;
  • Bad-debt reports; and
  • Key performance indicators.

Centro Property Solutions will also prepare and deliver annual budgets to the landlord relating to all income and expenditure with regards to each managed Property.

We employ a strict debt collecting process and utilise all possible avenues, including the Tenant Profile Network (TPN) credit bureau to update each tenant’s payment record.  Centro Property Solutions will take the necessary steps in any Court of Law for the recovery of any moneys payable to the Landlord, the ejectment of any tenants and/or for the enforcement of any other legal rights, to institute and/or compromise same, to refer any matter to arbitration and to carry out and perform any award thereunder.