If you can work from anywhere, why not make it Cape Town and the Western Cape? This is the question Wesgro’s new remote work campaign is asking those in Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal.
Wesgro launches campaign to promote semigration to Western Cape

The objective is to entice people from around the country to visit the destination as a remote worker through engaging collateral and a unique toolkit aimed at business conversion.

By creating an easy-to-use toolkit and a compelling hero video as well as a host of digital assets, the campaign speaks to just how easy it is to work from the province. The collateral showcases the strong tech eco-system, co-working spaces, connectivity and ease of doing business – reminding South Africans why the destination is the premier remote work destination in Africa.

In a partnership with Day One, a relocation specialist product that provides remote workers with everything they need to set up in the Western Cape from ‘day one’, the proof points around the region’s capabilities to host remote workers in the short-term and long-term are made abundantly clear.

To help employees make the move, the collateral provides them with the Pretty Convincing Presentation, aimed at helping them motivate to their employers as to why the move makes so much sense. The presentation, in turn, will also help employers consider the move themselves.

For the new-age worker

The campaign video is a light-hearted, yet informative, proposal detailing why a move to Cape Town and the Western Cape makes so much sense for a new-age worker showing off some impressive natural assets and a lifestyle that rivals the best in the world.

“There is an abundance of opportunities in Cape Town and the Western Cape, from the vibrant tech sector and connectivity to the cosmopolitan network of professionals from around the globe, making this the destination for those who want to work, while also living a little”, says Wesgro CEO Wrenelle Stander.

“Our world-class infrastructure, universities and skill-sets spanning diverse sectors, makes us the perfect destination for remote workers this summer and beyond,” says Minister of Finance and Economic Opportunities, David Maynier.

Broken into three phases, the campaign makes the best use of digital platforms to drive awareness and conversion and is centered around search terms most used by digital nomads.

“We’ve set out to reframe the destination in the minds of South Africans, with an emphasis on why we are an economic hub with an unbeatable lifestyle. By balancing performance content with long-term brand work, we’re moving targeted audiences from awareness to consideration to conversion and ensuring that we capture future audience intent”, says Wesgro’s Head of Marketing and Communications, Jean Scheltema.